Sunglass Trends everyone should follow this year.


Sunglass Trends everyone should follow this year.

The summer of 2020 is indeed different from other years. But that should not stop you from following fashion trends. Fashion is not just the way someone looks; it is also a state of mind. So, to keep a healthy mind, and classy appearance, here is a list of sunglass trends everyone must follow this year. 

1. Slim Frame Sunglasses

Slim frame sunglasses are vintage, classy, and full of sass. Over the last few seasons, ‘barely there’ wireframes have dominated the fashion industry. Instead of opting for that, this year, you can try out a more reverberating look with the tiny frame sunglasses. A bolder acetate frame to your micro minis will fetch more weightage to your all-time look this year. A tiny frame with a thick lens will especially suit you if you have a round face. You can browse through a collection of these trendy sunglasses and purchase them at a reasonable price using Kul coupon codes.

2. Slim Cat-Eye Acetate Sunglasses

Slim Cat-Eye Acetate Sunglasses are downright attractive! They are sexy, flirty, and bold. Originally popularized by Audrey Hepburn, over the decades, Cat-Eye frames have become more sleek, angular, and thinner to suit various face types. Ideally, it goes with a triangular or heart-shaped face, but with a range of designs, you can find your pair of these frames in no time. These sunglasses are vintage and add to your distinct style statement.

3. Flat-top Aviators

Aviators are ageless! Flat-top aviator frames are futuristic and super cool. Quite opposite to the micro frames, these aviators are oversized. These frames are versatile and go well with both male and female faces. However, they are less suitable with small, delicate features. Flat-top aviators are trendy and will add a sporty vibe to your entire look. 

4. Futuristic Sunglasses

This is the year of bringing back the older trends. It is probably because millennials are the heck of nostalgic people. That could be the reason why the sunglass trend from the ’90s, is also very much in, this year. Futuristic sunglass frames like that from the movie Matrix have started dominating the fashion bloggers, influencers, and even top celebrities. These exaggerated sunglasses offer a pop effect to an avant-garde style. The best part about these sunglasses is that it goes with all face-types and gender. 

5. Grandma Frames

Grandma frames are ideal to bring back the retro in 2020. Oversized, thick and round grandma frames are cool and quirky. Currently popularized by a wide range of influencers and celebrities like Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid, these frames are responsible for bringing back the retro vibe out in the streets. Granny glasses will make you look chicer than everybody else. This frame also suits all kinds of face-type. You can get a pair of your own easily using Kul coupon codes

In conclusion, the pandemic and the quarantined lifestyle are already pretty depressing. However, going out to grab daily essentials is also our necessity. So why not dress up well before going to the local supermarket? In such a scenario, sunglasses protect our eyes from pollution and suspended air particles. So we can take that opportunity to wear them in style.

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